Ford foundation
international fellowships program

Linking Higher Education and Social Change: 
Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program
edited by Joan Dassin
9.5 x 10 in., 72 pp., 67 color illus.
Ford Foundation, 2013

The Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program supported graduate-level study for over 4,000 students in 22 countries over a 12-year period. A concise retrospective overview of the program’s intentions, activities, results, and influence was planned as part of the program’s conclusion.

After working with the program director and staff members in a team format to determine the publication’s content, I designed a series of modules that alternate throughout the book: essays, testimonials, full- and half-page contextual images, thematic photographic collages, individual profiles of Fellows, and information graphics. The generously sized publication provides an immersive reading experience and establishes a celebratory tone to commemorate this successful program.