forensic architecture:
violence at the threshold of detectability

Forensic Architecture:
Violence at the Threshold of Detectability
by Eyal Weizman
7.25 x 9 in., 360 pp., 266 color illus.

Zone Books, 2017

Forensic Architecture is a London-based research agency conducting investigations into the architectural evidence of state crimes and human rights violations. It is also the term for a more generalized practice of forensic examination. This book serves as both an introduction to the field and a collection of relevant case studies. 

Visual documentation presented in the book is rich and dense, with extensive variations in scale and style reflecting the broad range of investigations and the forums for their presentation. The design organizes this energy to allow the reader to clearly access the arguments and respond intuitively to the projects.

The dimensions of the book allow for both text-heavy and highly visual material. Case studies are distinguished from the steady rhythm of running text with modest headings, a change in typeface and type color, and a light blue-gray background. “Prussian Blue” binding cloth, endpapers, and accent type contrast with the vibrant reds and greens of the project documentation.