Searching for Sebald:
photography after W.G. Sebald

Searching for Sebald: 
Photography after W.G. Sebald

edited by Lise Patt
8 x 10 in., 632 pp., 100 color & 300 b&w illus.
Institute of Cultural Inquiry, 2007

The Institute of Cultural Inquiry, an organization devoted to project-based study of visual technologies, issued a call for submissions for critical essays and artist projects related to the work of W.G. Sebald. The overwhelming response to this call precipitated the development of this ambitious anthology.

With 632 densely populated pages, this volume presented challenges of scale, organization, and cohesion. Within four thematic sections, 38 contributors present illustrated arguments and diverse visual explorations. These are separated with editorial ‘intermezzos.’ A framing introduction with extensive illustrated footnotes establishes the complexity of this multifaceted dialogue. 

My engagement with the illustrated prose works of this author informed subsequent book designs for a literary publishing house.