gordon matta-clark:
the beginning of trees and the end

Gordon Matta-Clark:
The Beginning of Trees and the End
(Drawings and Notebooks)

texts by Briony Fer, Jessamyn Fiore & Sarah Sze
12.25 x 9.25 in., 184 pp., 155 color illus.
David Zwirner Books, 2016

This catalogue was published in conjunction with an exhibition of lesser-known works on paper by an experimental American architect/artist active in the 1970s. It features series of notebook pages and drawings, including unique three-dimensional drawing constructions, along with brief essays and biographical material. 

Evoking an artist’s sketchbook, the horizontal format and ample dimensions allow for both sizable reproductions and generous white space. The contemporary and distinctive sans-serif typeface is directyet imbued with personality. The inky blue accent type color picks up on a ballpoint pen inscription by the artist which inspired the exhibition’s title.

The bold cover design — a “blind” front with only a reproduction, with the title wrapping from the spine around to the back cover — resonates with the artist’s inventive approach to material objects. The preamble of tree drawings corresponds to the installation of these pieces in the gallery. Notebooks are presented in actual order; loose sheets are shown in thoughtful pairings and sequences. 

The outstanding editorial and production team at David Zwirner Books ensured a process and an outcome of the highest caliber.